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Quality Assurance



TEST OBJECTIVE: To determine if cardboard for insect traps will maintain structure after soaking in water.

  1. Fill a container with enough luke-warm water to fully immerse the cardboard.

  2. Place the cardboard in the water so the water covers the cardboard.

  3. Leave the cardboard overnight. in the water.

  4. After the cardboard has soaked overnight, remove it from the water and inspect.

  5. The cardboard passes inspection if maintains structural integrity.

The cardboard fails if it has softened to the point where it can be torn easily. It fails if can be crumpled into a ball easily because it has become soft from being in the water.


TEST OBJECTIVE: To determine if paper has the proper plastic 

                    coating on both sides, a nominal thickness of .0062 to                                withstand outdoor service for a period of 90 calendar days. 

  1. STEP ONE: Cut a piece of paper board, place it in the microwave oven for about 3 minutes, facing up. After the 3 minutes in the microwave, the surface of the paperboard, should be showing some blisters or it will be easy to separate from the paper.

  2. STEP TWO: Place another piece of cardboard into the microwave oven, to check the other side. Make sure it is facing up like in the previous step. Then, observe that you get the same result as in step one.  

The cardboard fails if there are no blisters visible or if the film is not able to separate form the paper.

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