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Torula Yeast Pellets

The olive fruit fly is a serious pest of olives. It was introduced from the Mediterranean where it has been a problem for hundreds of years. The adult olive fruit fly is rarely seen. It lays its eggs just under the skin of the olive fruit. The larvae feed on the olive flesh, leaving brown tracks and tunnels. The damaged fruit is susceptible to rot, can drop prematurely, and is useless as a table fruit. Most of the visible damage occurs in the autumn, prior to that infested fruit appears only to have small spots or stings. When the fruit is cut open however, brown lines (tunnels) and maggots are visible. Olive fruit fly reproduces only in olives.

Torula can be purchased by the pound or by drum.

Each pound is approximately 90 pellets. Drums come in quantities of 50 pounds.

If you would like further information please feel free to contact us.

There are several types of traps that can be used to lower the numbers of adult olive flies and reduce fruit damage. Amongst them is the Multilure trap commonly referred to as the McPhail-type trap. The Multilure trap has a reservoir of water containing torula yeast as a food attractant and a pheromone lure can be added as well.

Torula Yeast is manufactured in convenient to use pellets. Recomendation is 4 pellets of torula yeast to 250 milliliters of water.  

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