The Multilure trap is the most effective trapping system available for consistent detection and targeting of fruit fly infestations. It is made of durable thermoplastic material. It is designed to easily be taken apart and  facilitate the cleaning and refilling of liquid or solid baits. This trap is used as a replacement for the McPhail trap.

Jackson Trap (Plastic)

The Jackson trap has proven to be effective for the trappin og the mediterranean fruit fly. A replaceable sticky-coated insert makes this trap an economical fruit fly monitoring tool. Inserts are ordered separately. Paper jackson trap along with its accessories  available as well.

Double Sided

Sticky Boards


The best trap on the market for detection and monitoring of the Asian Citrus Psyllid pest Diaphorina citri Kuwayama. It captures consistently higher numbers than traditional unbaited sticky cards. The trap comes coated with adhesive on both sides. Field tested to remain effective in any weather. Available in Yellow, Green and Blue.



Trimedlure [t-Butyl-2-methyl-4-chlorocyclohexanecarboxylate] - a powerful lure for the Mediterranean Fruit Fly (Ceratitis capitata) is used to detect incipient manifestations of the injurious insect.

The commercial product consists mainly of four isomers that have a chlorine group and ester substituents on the ring in a trans configuration.

We offer both 2 and 3 gram plugs.

Plastic Delta

Plastic delta trap bodies are made of corrugated plastic. They are sturdy and durable, rain and UV proof traps. When deployed, sticky liner is internal and therfore protected from rain, UV and dust. Low cost replacement sticky liners are available. Suitable for capturing both large and small moth species.

Paper Delta

The paper delta is a bi-directional trap which is effective in any monitoring program where a sturdy treated paperboard triangle trap is preferred. The bright orange color makes it readily visible to field staff and its inside grid pattern facilitates easy counting. The paper delta trap has proven effective in Pink Bollworm monitoring and has withstood extreme field weather conditions.

Diamond Trap

The Diamond Trap is an all-purpose trap for use in most monitoring programs where a disposable trap would be preferred. This trap is favored in some regions of the U.S. and Canada where its small size is considered an advantage. It has been successfully used in tree fruit IPM programs and for stored product moth monitoring.

Walnut Husk Fly Trap

The Walnut Husk Trap is most commonly used in the monitoring of the walnut husk fly. Traps hould be in place by the end of June, before the adult flies emerge from the soil. The trap's yellow coloration is effective in attracting a number of flying insects, including fruit flies, thrips, aphids, gnats, and other fly species.

C&C Trap

C&C (Cook and Cunningham) consists of three removable panels. The two outer panels are made of coated paper board. Located in the center is a 10g. trimedlure panel. The entire unit is held together with clips. This trap was developed for controlled release amounts of trimedlure. This trap is also used for monitoring and detecting very low medfly population incursions and, depending on environmental conditions, the lure may last for several months.



Monitoring Traps are an inexpensive monitor for all crawling pests in household or residential accounts.

Ideal when all you need is a small monitor for detecting pests following a regular service call. Professional appearance and pesticide free. 

Wing Trap

The Wing Trap is designed to allow adjustment to maximize trap performance for the behavioral patterns of different insects. The trap can be used with short spacer bars between top and bottom to alow full plume flow from all trap sides for most trapping programs. For pests such as Redbanded Leafroller and Codling Moth, the spacer bars can be omitted and the bottom end folded down to deflect the pheromone plume downward.

The Wing Trap has a replaceable, sticky paperboard bottom with grid pattern to aid in counting the trapped insects. It can be changed as needed when it becomes filled with insects or dirt.

This is an ideal trap for general monitoring programs - much data is available using this style trap for monitoring vegetable, fruit and nut crops as well as for stored products.

These are only a few of the monitoring systems we manufacture locally. For more information please feel free to contact us!