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Building a Better Trap for a Better World

When Richard Alvarado moved to Fresno from Chicago thirty years ago, his first goal was to get a job. He did just that, putting his engineering background to work for a company that manufactured pheromones and traps. When the company relocated, Alvarado was left with its customer list and equipment, along with a working knowledge of pest control devices, and Better World was formed. Richard and his wife, Janie, initially contracted out the production of their traps and, in true start-up fashion, did the manual work themselves in the living room of their apartment.

Today, Better World specializes in providing professional design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions for plastic component production and marketing of insect pest traps that are used throughout the world. The traps are pesticide-free, so they are better for the environment. Because they are patented, demand for Better World products specifically has grown considerably. In 2013 the Alvarado's partnered with Cal Cain of Bay Area Development Company and California Bank & Trust to purchase a 53,000 square foot building; quadruple the size of their previous location. The additional space allowed Richard to immediately add five new employees to the team as well as bring in new, specialized equipment that will improve efficiencies and greatly expand the company's capabilities. It also gives Richard room to do what he truly loves, talking with customers and innovating on their behalf.

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