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Systems used for fruit fly surveys consist of the following components:

  • attractant (pheromones, Parapheromones or food attractants)

  • killing agents (dry or wet)

  • devices for trapping

  • procedures for the use of the traps and items

These are only a few of the monitoring systems we manufacture locally. For more information, please feel free to contact us!




The Multilure trap represents the pinnacle of trapping systems, offering unparalleled efficacy in the detection and precise targeting of fruit fly infestations. Crafted from resilient thermoplastic material, this trap guarantees exceptional durability and longevity.

One of the key advantages of the Multilure trap lies in its user-friendly design, allowing for effortless disassembly. This feature simplifies the process of cleaning and refilling the trap with liquid or solid baits, ensuring consistent performance and prolonged use.

Multilure trap serves as a superior alternative to the conventional McPhail trap. Its advanced features and enhanced trapping mechanism make it the preferred choice among agricultural professionals and researchers worldwide. By utilizing this cutting-edge trapping system, users can effectively monitor and control fruit fly populations, mitigating potential damage to crops and ensuring optimal fruit quality.

Jackson Trap (Plastic)

This trap is specifically designed for capturing the Mediterranean fruit fly (also known as the fruit fly). The body of the Jackson trap is constructed from a high-quality sulfated white virgin plastic. 

the trap offers exceptional durability, capable of withstanding the rigors of outdoor conditions. It provides a reliable and effective solution for attracting and capturing fruit flies over extended periods.

The white sulfated plastic not only contributes to the trap's longevity but also enhances its visibility, making it more conspicuous to the target insects. This aids in maximizing the trap's trapping efficiency and overall effectiveness in fruit fly control.

The combination of the durable plastic construction and the advanced attractant technology ensures that the Jackson trap remains a robust and dependable tool for fruit fly management, delivering consistent results in agricultural settings.

Double Sided Sticky Boards (Plastic)

Designed specifically for the precise detection and monitoring of the Asian Citrus Psyllid pest (Diaphorina citri Kuwayama). With its exceptional performance, this trap outperforms traditional unbated sticky cards, consistently capturing significantly higher numbers of the targeted pest.

Our trap boasts a unique feature - adhesive coating on both sides, ensuring maximum trapping efficiency. This innovative design enhances the trap's ability to attract and capture the Asian Citrus Psyllid, facilitating accurate monitoring and effective pest control.

To cater to various preferences and specific needs, our trap is available in a range of vibrant colors, including Yellow, Green, and Blue. This allows for customization and optimization based on the targeted pest and surrounding environment.

Experience the superiority of our trap, designed to provide unparalleled detection and monitoring capabilities for the Asian Citrus Psyllid pest, setting new standards in the industry.

Plastic Delta Trap

The plastic delta traps utilize corrugated plastic for their construction, ensuring a robust and long-lasting design. These traps are specifically engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them resistant to rain and UV rays. The sticky liner is positioned internally upon deployment, providing it with protection against rain, UV exposure, and dust. Convenient and cost-effective replacement sticky liners are readily accessible. These traps are versatile, capable of effectively capturing moth species of varying sizes, both large and small.

Diamond Trap

The Diamond Trap serves as a versatile trap suitable for a wide range of monitoring programs that require disposable traps. This particular trap is particularly favored in certain regions of the United States and Canada due to its compact size, which is viewed as a beneficial feature. It has demonstrated its effectiveness in tree fruit Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs as well as in the monitoring of stored product moths.

Paper Delta Trap

The paper delta trap serves as a versatile bi-directional trap, suitable for use in monitoring programs that require a durable treated paperboard triangle trap. Its vibrant orange color ensures easy visibility for field staff, while the internal grid pattern aids in convenient counting. The paper delta trap has demonstrated its efficacy in Pink Bollworm monitoring and has proven resilient even in challenging weather conditions encountered in the field.

C&C Trap

C&C (Cook and Cunningham) is comprised of three detachable panels. The outer panels, made of coated paper board, are flanked by a central panel containing 10g of trimedlure. Clips securely hold the entire unit together. The trap was specifically designed for the controlled release of trimedlure, allowing for precise amounts to be dispensed. It is also utilized for monitoring and detecting instances of minimal medfly populations. Depending on the prevailing environmental conditions, the lure within the trap can remain effective for an extended period, spanning several months

Wing Trap

The Wing Trap is designed to allow adjustment to maximize trap performance for the behavioral patterns of different insects. The trap can be used with short spacer bars between top and bottom to allow full plume flow from all trap sides for most trapping programs. For pests such as Red banded Leafroller and Codling Moth, the spacer bars can be omitted, and the bottom end folded down to deflect the pheromone plume downward. The Wing Trap has a replaceable, sticky paperboard bottom with grid pattern to aid in counting the trapped insects. It can be changed as needed when it becomes filled with insects or dirt. This is an ideal trap for general monitoring programs - much data is available using this style trap for monitoring vegetable, fruit and nut crops as well as for stored products. 

Multilure Mini.JPG

Multilure Mini

Is an insect trap specifically designed to target fruit-damaging pests like the Mediterranean fruit fly. This meticulously crafted trap is ingeniously divided into three essential components:

  1. The top part features a crystal-clear glass lid, ensuring optimal visibility and facilitating efficient monitoring of trapped insects.

  2. The bottom part comprises a durable yellow lid, strategically designed to attract and ensnare the targeted pests effectively.

  3. A yellow stopper is integrated into the trap, further enhancing its efficacy by preventing the escape of captured insects.

Walnut Husk Fly Trap

The Walnut Husk Trap is primarily employed for monitoring the presence of the walnut husk fly. It is recommended to install these traps by the end of June, prior to the emergence of adult flies from the soil. The trap's yellow color is particularly effective in attracting various airborne insects, such as fruit flies, thrips, aphids, gnats, and other fly species.


Jackson Trap (Carton)

The paper Jackson trap has demonstrated its efficacy in effectively trapping the Mediterranean fruit fly. It is a cost-effective solution for fruit fly monitoring, thanks to its replaceable sticky-coated insert. The inserts can be ordered separately, allowing for convenient replacement when needed. The traps are specifically designed to accommodate these replaceable sticky inserts, which can be easily slid out when they become full of insects. Additionally, there are various accessories available to complement the use of these traps.

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