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Vial-Lure is a specially formulated attractant that incorporates a food ingredient. After being used in the field, it can be easily discarded and will eventually disintegrate, minimizing any potential environmental impact. Furthermore, the thermoplastic container housing the Vial-Lure is 100% recyclable, promoting sustainability in its disposal.

The innovative design of Vial-Lure eliminates any risk of contamination, both for the user and the trap itself. By placing the attractant inside the trap, the walls of the trap remain unobstructed, allowing for improved efficiency and enhanced clarity inside. This unobstructed view is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of the trap.

The inclusion of a light source within the trap serves as an additional mechanism to confuse the flies and decrease their chances of escaping. The light inside the trap disrupts the flies' natural behavior, making it more challenging for them to navigate and evade capture.

With its eco-friendly and user-friendly features, Vial-Lure offers a convenient and efficient solution for

attracting and trapping flies. Its emphasis on minimizing contamination, optimizing clarity, and incorporating innovative trapping mechanisms makes it a valuable tool in pest management and control.

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